Upcoming Events

Our month-by-month guide to the best events and happenings at The Big Simple over the year.

Rediscovering the joy of in-person seminars, at our TGI Monday meet-ups in London

Start the week in a Friday feeling at our monthly in-person meetings in London. All welcome!

Join us in this rich, interactive and transformative conversation.
These talks offer a new way of finding inner balance and discovering and loving who you already are.

Upcoming dates – Mondays March 6th, 3rd April, May 8th 2023
Time – 6.30pm /8pm
£10 at the door
£5 concessions
All proceeds go to The Big Simple community work
At 25EP
25 Eccleston Place
London SW1 9NF

Feel free to reach out at info@thebigsimple.org to find out more.

Finding Peace Of Mind

A new perspective = New Possibilities

This programme offers a new way of finding inner balance and discovering and loving who you already are. It will be a rich space of exploration where you will have a chance to share or just listen. There are no tools or techniques to remember and what you learn will stay with you for life.

Not only that, as well as receiving something truly beneficial for yourself, you will be part of helping us build on our vision to support marginalised young people who are suffering. Every penny spent goes towards funding our Big Simple community groups for vulnerable young people.

Places are limited, so register your interest soon at info@thebigsimple.org to secure your place.

We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday 25th April 2023.

WHEN: Tuesdays, 25th April – 6th June 2023: 18:00-20:00

COST: Any amount welcome – Suggested donation: £180 (All proceeds go to fund The Big Simple community workshops).

We’re The Big Simple

The Big Simple runs unique workshops to break down these barriers, for vulnerable young people, those from the care system, and their support network.

Got any questions?

Have any question, or just want to find out more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Email: info@thebigsimple.org

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